Table For One, Please!

Adventures in single dining with Tommy Hensel

About Tommy

Tommy Hensel, Single Diner, enjoying a glass of fine wine

Tommy Hensel, Single Diner, enjoying a glass of fine wine

Greetings! My name is Tommy Hensel and I am a dedicated solo diner who frequently utters the words, “Table for one, please.” Over the years, I have spent a great deal of time in bars and restaurants experiencing the joys and pitfalls of solo dining and I felt it was time to share some of my insights and experiences. Besides, I have a big mouth and love to tell my friends about my dining experiences and a blog gives me the chance to make a million or so new friends with whom to share those experiences.


I currently live and work in the Chicago area, so the bulk of my current restaurant and bar experiences revolve around this amazing city. Chicago is a mecca for the serious foodie. I tend to be adventurous and eclectic in my food tastes, and Chicago has unbelievable options for fine dining. But like all of you, I sometimes have the craving for comfort food like a good burger and fries. Whatever the craving, Chicago probably has it.


Oh, yeah . . . and wine! Learning about the best food/wine pairings has become one of my newest passions, so I am sure to blog about those insights. If you’re a beer person, don’t despair! I am also a huge fan of good, artisan beer so there will be plenty of posts on that as well. As you can tell, good food and good drink are passions for me and I look forward to sharing those passions with you. Most of all, however, I love the idea of getting more people turned on to the idea of how much fun it can be to dine out alone.


PLEASE feel free to chime in and leave your comments. And I look forward to hearing your favorite (or worst!) stories and experiences. So let’s enjoy and have fun eating and drinking!


Epicuriously Yours,